Friday, November 05, 2010

I remembered, but I was late

so today at school, they had a remembrance day program.
because next week we have fall break and no school.
great. not sure what we are doing to fill that time, but sleeping in sounds good to me.
anyways, back to today.
programs. plural. two schools. same time.
no van. Cory had it.
which is fine, the schools are close to our house, and to each other.
Maggie had the brilliant idea of riding bikes.
but I couldn't find a lock.
so we walked.
I decided to try to hit Jack's first. his band was playing O Canada.
I thought it started at 10:30, but that was Sadie's.
his was at 10:45.
incidentally, the sound of bagpipes, and that trumpet song they always play on remembrance day always brings a tear to my eyes.
I love that the kids still get a tiny bit of time every year to think about and learn about times past, and people who fought and died for our freedom.
Jack's school had a bag piper playing in the hallway, and when she walked past the classrooms, the kids were supposed to follow to the gym. love it!
so, listened to the band, the trumpet song, then headed back to Sadie's school,
and totally missed her choir. and they even sang two songs.
it was too bad.
I wonder if I had gone to Sadie's first, would I have missed Jack's song?
who knows.
but I tried.
maybe I will have better luck next year. and no kids to bring along, and maybe a van!


Lynn said...

That is cool about a bagpipe player coming to your kids' schools. I would love it if they did that here. Dean loves bagpipe music. He made me promise him that I would have one play at his funeral.

Have you ever seen this? I thought you might enjoy it since there is a bagpipe player in it. I just love the group IL Divo! I could listen to them all day.

Great post Kristi! Have a wonderful week with the kids and a great Remembrance Day too.

Just Us said...

there is only so much we, as mothers, can do. It would be great to have another one of you sometimes, but you made it to one, and it sounds like it was really neat. Good luck next week. I'm sure you'll find lots of great stuff to do after you all wake up.