Tuesday, April 12, 2011


yesterday I got a call from the school speech pathologist.
Sadie had been in to see her, and she thought Sadie was doing very well,
and could stop coming to see her.
(I find it interesting that Cory and I never had speech issues,
but all of our kids have done speech before school, and during at least half of their elementary careers.) anyways,
Sadie knew she had called and was asking me if she had said she could stop going.
(this conversation all happened while I was lying in Maggie's bed, after the girls were in bed,
far too late into the night)
I said that yes, she was done speech.
she then said that she kind of liked it because they got to play games and she got stickers.
so I asked Maggie if she liked it, and she said no. she had to say hard words.

then Sadie piped in with-
when I was little I said sh instead of s- so I should have never said sit.

oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
this out of sweet little Sadie's mouth.
it still makes me chuckle.

then when I was telling Cory what I was laughing so hard about I was thinking-
I don't remember that ever being a problem,
but I do remember for all my kids the tr sound was hard, and they would say f instead.
making trucks a very bad word.

now, go listen to a catchy song, and don't think too hard about those bad words.
get them out of your mind.
this is the song that never ends- it just goes on and on my friends...


Joanne said...

now THAT is tooooooo funny.

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious Kristi!

Andrea said...

haha. I do remember the truck. I loved it!
Who wouldn't love playing games.

crystal b. said...

so cool that your daughters give all that long lucious hair to someone in need. my mom had cancer, and it was so hard for her to lose all her hair. it was her identity. her wig -- made human hair was such a blessing.

and by the way, fellow ham lover, you need to be a guest blogger on my sewing blog. :) so cool that you majored in that at byu. that was my dream. i'm hoping my daughter pursues that -- she's really great at fashion design and sewing. :)