Tuesday, April 26, 2011

our weekend

it was a happy easter!
that easter bunny hid the kids baskets- they were not too hard to find,
then Cory and Ben hid the plastic eggs-
I always think after they are hid that I should have counted so we could know if they were all found.
I did find one this morning- hidden behind the computer.

we ate dinner at my sister in laws house- and the ham we ate was so delicious.
it is haunting me.
I am heading to Costco later today to see if they still have them,
so I can eat ham forever. so yummy. I want some right now!

on Monday my sister and Sadie got their hair cut.
they cut off 8 inches each- to donate for wigs for cancer.
this is the second time they have done it!
I am so proud of them both!
so- when we knew it was happening soon, I curled up Sadie's long hair, and took her out for some pictures.

now it is so short and cute- my after pictures were blurry, so I will have to take some more soon.
but man, there was no whining that it hurt as I brushed her hair today!
it looks adorable.

and- on Saturday Maggie lost her first tooth!
then I lost her tooth. I put it on the counter- and it was not seen again-
the tiny little thing.

today when maggie and I came home I saw a Cute little bunny in our front garden.
it ran and hid under our bay window, then later it was in a little bush in the front-
I put a laundry basket on it and called the bylaw people- they should be coming by to get it soon.
I contemplated keeping it as a pet, but when it started making weird noises at Maggie and I,
I decided I wasn't ready for the comittment.
and I don't think Cory would be too happy about a new little member of the household.
- the animal control guy just came and he said it was a wild bunny-
he wasn't sure what he was going to do with it, but he said he would find a good place for it.
poor little guy!


Andrea said...

I didn't know you could call the bylaw for bunnies. We have zillions of rabbits around here.
Cute photos!

Dixie said...

When I saw Sadie yesterday, I loved her new haircut -- but I didn't know it was for a good cause. Wow! good for your girls.

Did Sadie leave a cute knitted toque here yesterday? It looks like some of the ones you've shown on your blog.