Wednesday, April 20, 2011


sometimes Maggie will come grocery shopping with me.
somtimes she tells me to go in the afternoon when she is in school
sometimes I like having her with me,
and sometimes it is very nice that I get to do it all by myself!

(and she had to bring the creepy doll that Cory gave her that he got a a white elephant gift exchange. nice)
sometimes these toys dissappear into the give away box when the kids aren't around.


Kayli said...

Sigh- that looks like heaven. A nice HUGE ENORMOUS grocery store with tons and tons of selection and everything in English. It will be feel grand when I get to shop in that again.

Andrea said...

Our toys seem to disappear mysteriously. It's weird :)

Jill said...

My kids sit in that same spot, but I got 2 of them, and they are getting Long, so I bang into their feet sometimes, and they think it is really funny!

I am trying to make a curious George with no eyeballs disappear....a friend gave it to Carter....she just wanted it out of her house! Maybe I should NOT be friends with her any more.