Monday, April 04, 2011

Friday night

Cory and I headed out without kids.
sort of a date, I guess.
we went where we used to go on dates-
silly, but we like it-
to Value Village
(it's a big thrift store)
we always head to the books.
even though the adult ones are way over priced for a thrift store,
we managed to find a bunch to buy- and my favorite was this one:
the Blue Castle, by L.M. Montgomery.
I remembered that someone in my book club said it was their go to book-
when you have nothing to read, and want to read something good.
and yes, it was good.
highly recommended by me.
(don't let the cheesy cover fool you. good stuff inside!)


Kayli said...

We love thrift store dates too!

And come on, let's be honest here. The cover rocks.

crystal b. said...

Wow!!!!! I can't believe you guys pay that much for gas. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere but to and from school to pick up kids!!!

Love that you go to the thrift store -- my favorite kind of dates. So the book you mentioned -- is that the author of Anne of Green Gables????? One of my all time favorite series.