Friday, October 14, 2011

today started out with a bang.
then some pops.
and some fun.
and some kids I kind of missed.
but it was very early.
see- I subbed for seminary today.
but on my way out of the driveway, I backed right into Cory's car.
I hoped he didn't hear it, (that was the bang)
and drove on.
we played a game involving blowing up and popping balloons-
hence the pops.
I used to teach seminary- 2 years ago.
I sort of missed seeing those kids every morning, and the things I knew about them.
but it was early. and is early everyday.
I guess that is why it is called early morning seminary!
then when we got back home the car had crutches by it. ( I think I might have to reinact that for my photo of the day!)
I guess he heard the bang. I don't think there was any damage done,
and now the boys have something to hold over me for a while.
what a great start to the day.


Kayli said...

ha ha!

crystal b. said...

So funny.
And way cool that you taught seminary. I want to do that in the worst way (except for the early morning part -- i am a night owl.)
Glad the cars are ok.

I got my hat! Soooo cute. I'll send you the photo after my cousin's baby is born sometime in January. :) I'll be mustering up all the skills I learned from Blue Lily. Cross your fingers for me. :)