Thursday, October 13, 2011


well, I seem to have a trend going- post on Thursday.
and I did make a few things from pinterest, but no pictures.
I made some orange chicken in the crock pot. I thought it was good.
when I asked if I should make it again, they all said no.
so there you go.
silly kids.
then I also attempted to make a simple nativity for a sample for our super saturday,
but when I put the heads on the bodies, I realized I bought too small heads.
not good.
hopefully I can get some bigger heads and get that done.
should have more to show next week. I have a costume pinned for Sadie- and she has to wear a costume for activity days on Tuesday, so it will be done by then.
and I did make a bigger cardboard star, but it needs sanded and cleaned up.
I have been busy. the house is a mess.
the usual. life! good times.

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crystal b. said...

You are one busy gal. For sure send pictures of the stuff you make for Super Saturday!