Thursday, February 25, 2010


on the way from the post office to the library this morning (they are very close to each other, so usually when we go to one, we also go to the other)
Maggie told me to walk on one path while she took the other (through the parking lot) and I said "okay, boss."
and she said- "I'm not the boss, you're the boss. I'm just a little kid"
and I said, "okay, little kid."
and she said "I'm not a little kid, I'm Maggie."
I was getting all confused by my bossy little kid named Maggie.
silly thing.


Kayli said...

Hilarious! And that picture is GOOOOOOOOORGEOUS! Definitely the money-shot. Did you get so excited when you saw it on your camera screen?

So in answer to your question, yes, I do write them down. If I have a couple of funny things to tell Brett one night at dinner, I'll go grab a paper and write them down and then keep it around for awhile. My memory's not good either--in fact, I generally get the paper and then say, "Brett, Jethro, what was the funny thing we were laughing at?" :)

Kayli said...

p.s. I forgot to say that at first glance I thought the picture was Sadie.

Lynn said...

She is so cute!