Monday, February 08, 2010


so, you know when you have a dream, and in it you are thinking is pretty fun, and even right when you wake up, you think that was a great dream,
and then you start thinking about it, and it makes absolutely no sense?-
well, I had one of those last night.
it involved these handsome fellows.

and I was their mother- maybe for reals, maybe for a tv show-
which is what it was in my dream.
we were filming an episode in a grocery store- weird, right?
and it just got weirder from there.

and I will leave it at that, because the rest is all a blur, and makes no sense-
you know how dreams get.

I am still waiting for my dream- the one like Stephenie Meyer had that brought about Twilight, and fame and fortune.
yeah, right.
keep dreaming!


Joanne said...

I have NO idea who those boys are but I'm sure they loved you as their mom. I"m waiting for my fame and fortune dream too.

shelleyjanae said...

How do you not know who the Jo Bros are???!?!? Maybe that was THE dream. Hello. Instead of a book, you dreamed a TV show... or movie.

I had a dream I was with Kate of Jon & Kate plus 8... before it got all weird. I wonder who dreams about us?? :)

Andrea said...

I'm apparently out of the loop too because I had no idea who those guys were. I had a weird disturbing dream, so it's nice that you have good ones.
Good luck dreaming up a book. You could write a book about being a mom of 3 cute boys.

Just Us said...

That is pretty funny, although scary at the same time, do you realize that we are almost old enough to actually be their mother? YIKES!!