Wednesday, February 17, 2010


what have we been up to around here?
well, not much is happening, yet we are keeping busy.

some of us finally went sledding. (it was super fun until Maggie got run over at the bottom of the hill!)
still knitting like crazy.
some visitors are here for a couple of days!
(a visitor that loves to organize, and has done great work in her time here! so sweet.)
and she inspired me to do some scrapbooking! - it has been way too long! so fun.
basketball games and practices at least 3-4 days a week,
a kub kar rally, that my boys proudly came in last place-
well. maybe not too proudly, but we sweeten the inevitable with a large slurpee.
Cory rejoiced that it was his last kub kar, because being that our boys are always last, it is obviously not his forte.
-but next year it will be trucks. (maybe by the last truck Jed ever does, Cory will have it all figured out!)

and that is what we have been up to lately. not much, but a bunch.


Kayli said...

love the picture!

Andrea said...

can't wait to see the organizing.

Joanne said...

can't wait to come and organize again. once Cory gets the basement figured out???????

Kim said...

Cory just needs to oil the cub car wheels before the race. It's not illegal - and our kids always win something.