Thursday, February 04, 2010

a jam

so the kids are off of school for two days-
teacher convention.
so, we are also off of seminary for two days.
I always have to bring that up, because it is such a major part of my day-
a very early start to it, and to not have it, and to be able to wake up later is a treat.

I had to go to the dentist today- one of my teeth broke last week.
I headed out with plenty of time to get there,
then there was a huge traffic jam on the highway.
I was thinking there must be a serious accident ahead,
and watched the minutes tick by as I inched my way along with all the other semis on the road,
and even pulled out my crocheting I had stashed in my purse, in case I had to wait at the dentists.
turns out there was a truck pulled over- it looked to me like it was unloading something, but I am not sure,
so everyone had to move from three lanes to one,
and I was a half an hour late. sheesh.
I hate being late!
and then I was in the dentist chair for about 5 minutes.
crazy stuff.

this weekend should be fun.
included in the plans are a sleepover for the girls,
a dance for Ben,
skiing for all of us,
watching some cousins for a night and a day,
cleaning the girls room. again.
lots of laundry.
a trip to the library ( and the post office)
dinner on Sunday with family.

good times.

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