Monday, February 22, 2010


so, I sucked it up-
and took the kids out skating.
they wanted to go on Friday, but I weasled my way out of it, and promised them I would take them Saturday.
but darn it, Saturday came, and I had promised.
so, be gathered up skates, helmets, sticks, and headed out-
it took a while to get everyone laced up-
I can never tie them as tight as they should be. it's a hard job!
I even got skates on myself, and got on the ice for about 5 minutes, until my feet hurt so bad, I had to take them off.
I remember that happening last time I went skating- last year- or maybe the year before, but I thought these were different skates. I really should mark them, so I know not to take those ones again the next time I go out- in a year, or two!
Maggie did quite well. she did more of a walk than a glide, and kept calling to Sadie to "skate with me!"
the kids lasted way longer than I did outside. I went and sat in the van to warm up near the end.

I think we should just make a rink in our back yard, then I can just send them out there!
but our back yard really isn't that big, and there is a big fire pit in the middle-
oh, that would be fun in the evening- doing tiny loops around a bonfire!
I will add that to the to do list.
maybe next year!

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