Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I just picked up this book at my library- (on the new book shelf, that you can only check the books out for one week on),
the authors name caught my eye (she wrote the sisterhood of the travelling pants books)
I had never heard of the book before,
but it is really very interesting!
(how do people come up with these things?)
I haven't finished it yet, but can't wait to see what happens!
in looking for a picture of the book, my google search came up with the info that they are making it into a movie! I would love to see it! -due out in 2012, I think.
I recommend reading it!
(a few swears. just so you know.)
it involves reincarnation.
just so you know.
but I won't tell you anything else!

eta: I changed my mind. I finished the book, and want to say- don't read it.
don't read it yet. I sincerely hope it is a series, and there is more to come, because man alive, it left me hanging.
(and there is some hanky panky, so maybe the movie will not be watchable. we shall see.)
so wait. until the series is all out. and the story has a good ending.
and that is my advice.

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