Wednesday, October 27, 2010

good times.

well, thank goodness for Value Village,
even thought the check out guy was a bit sassy to me the last time I was there-
(remind me to tell you that story.)
I checked through the patterns, and got a princess one for 69 cents, instead of going to the real fabric store and paying at least 4 bucks.
it is cut out, mostly. but I am making it out of an old sheet, so it isn't really fancy - going to a ball - princess dress, more like a hanging out at home, lounging about princess dress. hopefully the little princess won't mind.
and I got a fun clown costume pattern for me, and Cory, but I don't think Cory will go for it.
too bad. (and another awesome sheet to make it out of. yes, we are experiencing a new trend. costumes out of sheets. watch out world!)
he can figure out his own costume then! ha.

we all have dentist appointments in the big city this afternoon.
always a good time!

and this morning I will be cleaning, and picking up some groceries,
because there is going to be a party here tonight!
a pampered chef party that is.
if you are local, and want anything, or just want to taste some yummies,
come on over!
now that is a good time!
alright, off to scrub!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

wish I could come. I have a clown nose and glasses and wig if you want it.