Tuesday, October 19, 2010

last weekend

we headed to Banff- Cory was running a leg of a relay race there-
and on the way, we stopped to see our super adorable new baby niece/cousin.
so little, and so sweet!

after the race, we headed to some water falls, took a self portrait picture
(teenagers are so fun)

found a cool looking tree- such awesome roots!

set the timer and took a group shot by the falls-
but you can't really see them- they are right behind us.

and of course, hit the candy store there.
I find it funny that we will buy the kids each a bunch of over priced candy there,
but at home always tell them no, I will not get them that average priced candy.
silly tourists.
gets us every time.

it was a fun family get away! we should do it more often. (but take our own cheaper candy, and avoid the expensive candy stores!)


Andrea said...

so jealous. I love the mountains.
Love the family photo with the guy in it. haha.

Kayli said...

Those are some really fun pictures! I love how Ben and Maggie are holding hands in the third. That is seriously SOOO sweet. And is Ben taller than Cory, or was it a photo illusion?

jessica said...

cute photos!

glad you could visit!

Lynn said...

HA HA! True about the candy. That Candy store actually gave our Junior High School a certificate for being the best spenders whenever our students went there for a Band Camp. It's actually ridiculous how much money the kids brought to purchase Candy there each year....so I laughed so hard at your comment. I think I will just suggest a shopping spree here in town for the candy and have the students TAKE the Candy to camp with them. What a concept, eh? ; D