Friday, October 29, 2010

I feel pretty!

there is a lady who has kids at my kids school,
I have always thought she looks a bit like me,
short curly blond hair, glasses,
today, when I was heading to the school for the halloween costume parade,
she was coming in at the same time as me,
and said that the other day at the park,
her boys came up to her, and told her that they were calling mom, when they saw me across the park, thinking that I was their mom,
and she said that she was flattered,
because I am so pretty.

really, she said that.
and I am the one who is totally flattered!
I think we should become good friends.


Andrea said...

ahhh. that's so nice. You have a twin. You should be friends!
It's nice that people think you look like someone pretty.
I always get that I look like someone that I think is not pretty. Although I guess some people at Ricks thought we looked alike. I'll go with that.

Kayli said...

That's awesome!

Yeah, I have a similar story as Andrea-- this family at church told me they think I look just like Uma Thurman. I don't think she's pretty at all. But, I guess some people do since she's a celebrity and all. Plus I just don't think I look like her.

Anyway, fun for you. Definitely be friends. :)

Lynn said...

Well, I agree with her. ; D

Joanne said...

that's awesome! and maybe you can arrange that your kids can go home with your "twin" when you have a bad day.