Saturday, January 01, 2011

hello 2011

Cory and I spent last night chaperoning at the youth dance. our ward was in charge of the whole dealio, and I must say, it was pretty fun.
my goal for the night was to embarrass ben, and I think I accomplished that quite nicely!
they had a fun photo booth there- with props and stuff. such a fun idea!

so, new year, new resolutions right?
*this year I want to attempt the photo a day thing again. I did pretty well with it in 2009, but our computer died, and I never did get my pictures off of it to get them printed and into a book. this year I will do it monthly, so I won't get so behind.
*this year I want to make a real budget, stick with it, and get out of some debt.
such a grown up thing to do, I think. It is time.
*go down a size or two- or maybe three in my clothing! which means eating less sugar and chocolate, and exercising more. but that is okay. I can do this! maybe.
*you know when you shop, and you get that little thing at the bottom of your receipt that if you do a little survey, you could win some money? I want to do all of those that I can, see if I win anything!
*and of course do some cleaning and organizing. get rid of junk. buy less junk- which will work nicely with the whole budgeting thing. win win right?

it's going to be good. this 2011 year. lets do it!


Dixie said...

Looks like the dance was fun -- good for you! Good luck with all your goals!

darlene said...

Hey those our my goals exactly

crystal b. said...

I can't believe Ben let you guys take a picture with him!!! Claire would die first! I made the mistake of dancing near her at a wedding last week and she physically relocated me to the "mom" section.