Tuesday, January 11, 2011

true north

living up here, in the north, in Canada-
is silly.
it is cold.
and we had tons of snow.
and now it is cold, and the roads are bad,
and it is supposed to snow some more tomorrow!

but- one of the good things- we have a really long driveway, so we pile it all up in the yard,
so if the kids want to do some sledding, they can just head out the back door!
(it's not too big of a hill, but good for little kids. and when they get bored back there, they head out to our front yard which is on a bit of a slope!)
great for this lazy mom, who doesn't want to go out in the cold any more than she has to!

I buy hot chocolate in bulk,
and we drink it by the gallon when the weather is like this!
p.s.- if you are close to a bulk barn, try their peppermint hot chocolate. yummm!


Stephanie said...

we've had just about enough of the snow too...

Andrea said...

Why do we live here? I was thinking why couldn't I have been born to parents that lived in Arizona.