Saturday, January 29, 2011

on patrol

he's helping to keep the world safe- helping kids cross the street.

and although it looks like we might go to school in the night time,
it was morning, and the mornings are actually getting lighter.
thank goodness!
( I thought this would be a fun photo of the day-so I ran out and took some pictures of him.
I think he was a bit embarrassed, but that's what mom's are for, right?)


Kayli said...

Sah-weet! What a hero. :)

p.s. I was reading an old email from Brian the other day and he said that you had a baby and that he used to think that Jack was little, but he had nothing on the baby (or something like that). Good times.

Jill said...

I remember being a patroller...(is that a word?!? In Ontario Adults do it for a job....So tell Jed to put it on his Resume!

crystal b. said...

That was the ultimate job when I was in elementary school. That and "Milk Monitor" (kids who delivered milk to classrooms every morning before recess.) I could hardly wait until I was old enough to be the crossing guard. And it did not disappoint. I still have fond memories of those months helping kids cross the street. Funny what you remember.

Kristi in answer to your question. Our kids meet for seminary at 6:00 a.m. We just moved into our new ward building. We had to wait 10 long years to get it . . . but it was worth it. It's awesome.

Joanne said...

i;'m such a slacker commenter i'm sorry. cute pics of Jed. what a guy!!!

Andrea said...

Wish he was patrolling my kids school. We have none, but they'd probably be harmed. It's crazy there.
He's so cute!