Monday, January 24, 2011

good cold fun

yep, we had quite a bit of snow.
and it was mighty cold.
but now, it is warming up.
and the snow is melting a bit.
and then it is freezing at night.
making the roads very icy.
some good times were had last week building a quincy.
then it got a hole in the roof.
not good. a certain boy was not happy, but he handled it well, and didn't get angry.
the snow was kind of nice-it is so pretty when everything is clean and white.
but now, the roads are brown from the sand,
and the snow plowed up from the roads and shoveled from the driveways is all brown too, and it's not so pretty any more.
kind of like in the fall- after the pretty colored leaves all fall, and everything is just dead and brown. not so nice.
good thing spring will come.
but not soon enough for me!


shelleyjanae said...

glad to hear Cory handled it well! ha.
Very fun. They need to come here and build one in our back yard.

Andrea said...

We're trying to build a snow fort, but I have no idea what I'm doing. Maybe we'll have to have you guys over to help.
And I'm ready for some beach weather!!

crystal b. said...

Super cool cave. I'm so jealous.

Hey, who took the picture on your banner -- blue lily? It's so darling. I just love it.