Friday, January 21, 2011

some people's kids!

on Thursday it was Maggie's turn to take snack to kindergarten.
and I vollunteer in her classroom once a month, so I signed up for her snack day!
when thinking about what to take- we decided on popcorn.
and Maggie loves it with extra flavors added, but I didn't have any,
but earlier on when we were at my sister's house she had made popcorn and added some candy cane sprinkles especially for popcorn.
it was yummy.
and I had a pack of candycanes left over, so we blended them up small,
and sprinkled it on the popcorn.
and we taste tested it.
and it was good. then, when the kids were sitting eating,
I was shocked when over half the kids said "I don't care for this"-
(that is what they are supposed to say instead of - I don't like this)
and threw it away.
silly kids.
I think there were only 5 or so who actually ate it all.
some ate some of it,
and the rest threw it away.
the gall.
silly kids. don't know a good snack when they see it.

(I am trying to change my header, but can't remember how to do it right. I will figure it out soon. I hope!)

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Andrea said...

That's crazy!