Monday, March 21, 2011

I had an idea

and this was sort of it.
a photoshoot with Maggie, and a blanket and the snow.
where we went to take the pictures was at a field across a sort of country road, just a tiny bit out of town. I love the location of that house- and the field- love.
I was telling Maggie we should build a house in the field, and she agreed,
and said that we could take pictures every day.
love that girl!


Bobbi-Jo said...

This is gorgeous!! I adore the colors in the blanket and how they bring out her amazing eyes against the white of the snow. Brilliant!

Andrea said...

Great photo. You should take her picture every day. Cute!

crystal b. said...

Stunning, stunning photo. You have the gift girl!! YOu have to get out here and do Blue Lily's beach house weekend!!!!!

Kami said...

So cute! And we're coming to Canada Aug. 15-26 . That would be awesome to house swap. Seriously.