Friday, March 11, 2011

the c monster

so- here it is. not even close to the cuteness of the one I boogled,
but hey- let's not judge. we're all friends here! and yes, he is eating a digestive cookie-
because that is what I had in my house.
and his eyes are just icing blobs with chocolate chips,
and yes, it was delicious.
and isn't that what really matters?
we will see what the kids in the kindergarten class thought of it when Maggie gets home.
hopefully no one will say- I don't care for this.
that would be a tragedy.


shelleyjanae said...

Very cute. Those kids would be crazy to not care for one of those! But digestive cookies? All you had in your house? Too bad you couldn't boogle a recipe for chocolate chip cookies! :) But I bet Cookie Monster wouldn't turn down a digestive cookie...

Andrea said...

love it. I would care for one of those!

Jill said...

my sisters.....WOW they are all talented....Fantastic job! too bad I couldn't just taste one digestive cookie and all!

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to bring treats for St. Patrick's Day to playschool and the president and teacher said that we are not allowed to bring homemade treats - something about licensing rules - people downtown were very firm about that rule - even for birthday treats. If it is for the whole class and the parents are not there to say yes or no then it has to be store bought. I don't like it. I can make a yummier and more nutritious treat than any store bought treat. On the other hand I suppose it will be easier for teachers to say yes or no to treats for our youngest if they can just check the package and see if it is under 3 grams of fat. Cute cupcakes though. I'd like one for sure.