Wednesday, March 09, 2011

boogle it

so, it's Maggie's birthday on Sunday.
she gets to take treats to kindergarten on Friday for her birthday.
I asked her what she wanted to take,
and she said cookie monster cupcakes.
I told her I wasn't sure how to make those,
I would have to look it up on the computer
and she said- you can boogle it!
(love it!)
so I did- and found this-
now, to see what I can come up with.
I don't think it will look this good.
but I shall try!


Kayli said...

Boogle it!--that is awesome!

So are the cupcakes. I bet yours will be great!

Jill said...

those are such cute is amazing what you find when you boogle it!

shelleyjanae said...

ha ha. Cute. And LOVE the cupcakes. hope you make some extras! I totally have cookie monster blue colored sprinkles if you need some! Bought for just an occassion and obviously haven't gotten around to using them!
Off to boogle something....

Anonymous said...

One party our daughter attended recently had very cute puffle cupcakes from Club Penguin. I love Maggie's sayings. She is too cute. Happy Birthday Maggie!!