Wednesday, March 02, 2011

the latest

I am reading this book-it was recommended to me by my friend who is a librarian at our high school.
it is really good.
I think it is a book that Kami and Kayli would enjoy.
just saying.

on season 4. sometimes inappropriate. most times funny.
Cory came home early yesterday afternoon and I was watching it, and he came down, stood for a moment then walked away saying 'I can't even listen to this show.' hmm.
but he doesn't like a lot of tv shows, so we won't go by his word.
not sure I would recommend it to anyone, but now I this far in, I need to find out how he did meet their mother.

knitting- I bought the yarn for this project last year. I finally got a pattern for it a couple of months ago- I am starting them today! they are called thrummed mittens- you knit them up and every once in a while you add in some wool tufts, so the inside is super warm and fuzzy.- like this-
mine will be about that color for the outside, but my fuzzies are white and pink and blue. they will be so fun.
- because I have been wearing the mittens ben sewed in his sewing class last year out of polar fleece. and while they are warm and stylish, I think it is time for some new ones.
and the way the weather has been, I think I can finish them and still wear them for a few months.


Kayli said...

Thanks dude- it's now on my (lengthy) to-read list for when I get back to English libraries.

Joanne said...

I LOVE how I met your mother can we just say that Barney is...wait for it.... awesome!!!! i'm putting that book on my lengthy to read list mittens.

Lynn said...

You are so talented! Wish I had your skills with textiles. Those mittens look awesome!

Kami said...

Definitely will add it. Thanks!