Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the latest and greatest-

So much fun.
It's called Wig Out.
and we are hooked.
the kids have played it everyday
since it has come into our house-
okay, it was only Sunday
but we have played it a few times a day
since then.
too fun.
Jed got it for his birthday from Auntie Shelley
(she's the best!)
the boys were playing it this morning
and giving them all nicknames-
I need a kissy face, etc.
silly boys
silly game.
apparently it is found at Target
I aim to go there someday soon!!
I hear nothing but good things about it.
oh, the house situation-
it is still a mess.
I tackled our bedroom,
cleaned off my dresser,
emptied the clean laundry baskets,
but alas,
the house is still a mess.
hmm. someday.... someday.


Andrea said...

fun times! we should take a trip to a target and stock up on good stuff. when school starts you can have all the time in the world to clean. ha ha ha

Shelley said...

We didn't play wig out today even though Jed asked like 3 times... opps. Sorry! I am glad that it is being loved. You can come visit me anytime and spend all day at target!

Kim said...

that game sounds really cool...and of course Shelley always finds the best things! I might have to make a stop at target to get one of those games for my nephew.