Monday, August 21, 2006


I have a tiny sense of what those poor souls that are eliminated near the beginning of Survivor feel like. Sucky.
I decided to give a challenge a try and entered the Last Scrapper Standing challenge on the Dares blog. Made it through two rounds- which really, is more than I should have done, but then,
yep -
checking the long list of names to see who is still in,
and no me.
so I don't feel like scrapping any more.
okay, just for a few days.

I bought the cutest knitting book- on baby hats-
soooooo stinking cute,
so really, I just want to knit.
and knit,
and knit.
but first I need to find a real store that sells the good yarn,
no more walmart acrylic for me.
I need the good quality stuff,
for my cute hats.
I am almost done the base of a cute one for Maggie,
then, when I have the good yarn
I get to make some cute roses for it
I am so excited!
must go knit!


Andrea said...

sadness. you're awesime scrapper. can't wait for the hats!

Andrea said...

obviously can't spell. meant awesome!! i'm one handed at the moment & in the dark so hard to type

Kelly McCaleb said...

yes! i'm a knitter too. so fun.

thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog, made my morning, seriously.

and you are an amazing scrapper!