Wednesday, August 23, 2006

an adventure

so yesterday, we left the house.
me and the kids,
and headed to Gull Lake
where Jason and Joanne- brother and sister in law
were supposedly camping
we went to the beach-
and never found them,
but had a good time none-the-less.
so we played,
and dug
and fed the crazy seagulls
then when we were driving away
we saw the turn off for the corn maze,
and thought- why not!
so we went in, and got lost.
then finally,
found our way out
played in the corn box
(Maggie did not want to leave it)
some tire horse ride thing
(that maggie did not want to get off of)
then we came home
what a day.
I have decided that I need a cabin on a beach.
then I will be happy :)
p.s. I have tried three times to post pictures,
but apparently blogger is having problems, so I will try again later.

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