Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the photos...

yay, it worked. we had a good time.
today, not so good.
I am sooooo ready for school to start-
and there's still 2 weeks.
heaven help me.
I need to be nice.
be nice.
love those kiddo's.
soon they will be gone all day.


Kim said...

cute photos! are you guys at the corn maze? looks like fun.

jessica said...

very cute photos. Can you email the pictures you took of me and Brian, i want to see them and scrap them. Speaking of which, we need to get together and do a scrapbooking night, i have my desk up and im good to go, so i need some pictures

Shelley said...

You can make it Kristi! I believe in you! I love the pictures. Especially Maggie's cute bathing suit! She looks like a mini olympian! Hee hee!

Andrea said...

looks fun. we should have tagged along!!!