Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A cake and a hat

okay, I have tried to upload these pictures at least 5 times, but it finally worked- yay, so here they are:

the cake I made for Jed's party
a picture for you, Shelley!
(it was yummmmmy- chocolate pudding in the middle)
and one of the hats.
I just cannot stop knitting!
should have another one finished today-
if I can fit it in.
Doing the seminary open house tonight,
taking the boys for back to school haircuts.
not feeling so hot.
should be a great day.
p.s. I wrote this this morning, but the pictures weren't working, now that they are it is night time, seminary thingy went well. we ate scones and honey butter- a little bit pioneerish/church history-ish. feeling much better. boys have some short hair again.
had a great time at Childrens Place. tons of $3.99 deals. who can pass up cute little denim capris for Sadie for $3.99? not me. and some t- shirts, and capris for Maggie, and some army pants for Ben and Jack (but they weren't $3.99) and maybe a few more fun stuff. then we had to go to dollarama. so much fun at that store. my favorite purchase was an orange tin with a black pumpkin face on it. so cute. can't wait to fill it with halloween candy. anyways, I have to be out of the house with 5 kids by 7:30 in the morning- and it has been a while since I have had to be ready to go by that time, so I had best go to bed. I get to go to a seminary scripture mastery day camp with 3 kids from our class. it sounds like a fun day. my kids are hanging at the other teachers house for the day, then I get her kids on Thursday while she takes some more kids to it then. should be good!
okay, I just looked at the pictures,and the hat picture is pretty dark. the hat is blue with a red tip, which is tied in a knot, and there is a little sail boat on it. I will take a better picture of the next hat. it is soooo cute. just need to do 2 more stars. okay, I am off to bed.


Andrea said...

cute cute cute. glad you made it thru the day

Shelley said...

Love the hat. Knit like the wind!! I will try to too! And the cake is very cute. You are amazing!