Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the wants

I've got a case of the wants.
I want a clean house.
I want to be a good mom.
I want to have good kids.
I want to learn how to handle Jed.
I want to be more thrifty.
I want less junk around my house.
I want to be published in a scrapping magazine.
I want to be the greatest seminary teacher,
(okay not the greatest, but a good one)
I want to be a runner.

and on and on.

most of these things can be worked on,
I just need to do it,
just do it.
off I go...


andrea said...

hmmm...i hear ya. good luck with your wants. i think you're great and have lots of qualities i WANT.

jessica said...

Kristi, You are amazing at all of these things. We can always improve though! Good Luck, and don't get yourself down. Work on one thing at a time, and it will all come together. I'm going to give you my piece of advice,,, Have Family Prayer together and read scriptures together. even just 1 chapter a day. i have to say, it works for me!!