Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ahh, sweet school days.

so, back to school today.
but Maggie seemed to think she needed to be a trouble maker to make up for the quiet without the boys!
she is a stinker.
but she is napping now,
so all is well.
Camo pants seemed to be the choice around here for back to school attire.
Sadie gets to go to kindergarten next week.
why they have to wait a week is beyond me.
they are dying to go to school,
so let them come!!! sheesh.
Spent the weekend in Stirling
it was nice.
went to a few cute shops.
bought a bit.
need to do some redecorating around here.
having a garage sale this weekend.
maybe I can make some money to buy paint!
seminary starts tonight.
I'm a bit nervous.
but should be good.
alright, need to go preview the flick we are watching tonight at seminary, then finish up some laundry, vaccuum some floors, tidy up some, find more stuff to sell, etc, etc.


jessica said...

fun fun times, Kristi. Good luck at seminary. cute photo

Andrea said...

cute boys you got. Enjoy all your free time. ha ha. hope little mags is good for you. have fun at the garage sale

Shelley said...

How fun for you! love the picture. I must hip and happening... I just made a back pack out of camo! Too bad it was challenging for me so there is no way I am going to sew them with my students. Hope seminary was a success!