Wednesday, September 20, 2006

getting ready

ready to run- well , mostly walk, but some running
in Melissa's road race in Banff
on Saturday.
I just hope the weather is good.
should be fun.
painted first coat of Jed's bedroom today.
looks good,
but man, that oil based paint is stinky
I bought a mistint can,
not really reading the label
but now I know.
get water based.
washes out way easier.
at least it looks nice,
but I will have to do another coat tomorrow.
and stink up the place some more.
I think I will finish my kitchen next.
a while ago I painted half of it.
Next week I will finish it.
got a new oven- well a new, old one!
so nice to be able to bake things again.
well, that's about all that's going on around here.
I guess I will go get some kids to bed!


Shelley said...

Love it! What a cute girl... You and Sadie!

jessica said...

I love that quote and really cute page Kristi. Need to get together really really soon!!!

Kim said...

Cute page! What color are you painting? Sounds like a lot of work....