Saturday, September 16, 2006

the latest

my internet was out for a few days.
so many times I just wanted to sit and look,
but couldn't
so I did other things.
but now it is back,
and I can waste my time here again!!

our van has been having some serious problems.
apparently it's the transmission.
so anyways,
we are the proud owners of a "new" van.
a Safari.
very roomy.

and the other day, while turning off my oven,
the knob for the temperature broke right off.
so, haven't been able to use that for a few days.

that's what has been happening around here.

and a recent layout. I put a few up at 2peas.


Kim said...

Cute lo! And exciting to have a new van..but too bad about the oven!

Andrea said...

cute pages as always. lets go cruising in the new van! pick up some....groceries. lol