Thursday, December 21, 2006

the concert

the handsome dude in the middle with the shades is Ben. his class sang rockin around the christmas tree, feliz navidad (with some funky moves to go with it!)the concert
was so good! I love our school. they sang real Christmas songs- about Christ, and everything! so nice to hear.
and there was even a little pageant of the nativity done by one of the classes.
good to see that in public places now a days!
so, this is Jack playing the xylophone for one of the songs! fun stuff.
that is sweet sadie with the poncho from Auntie Jill on! she didn't crack a smile through the whole thing, and didn't make it to the night time performance- she fell asleep on the couch at about 7:30. but don't tell anyone she is sick- she is not sick!- or so she says. we'll see if she makes it to school this afternoon.
Jed, silly little snowflake head. that is him in the red plaid shirt. what a silly boy. he was good yesterday, but today claims his stomach hurts. but he might be going back this afternoon.
this is MAggie helping clean up after making fudge. I am not so much a fudge maker, one batch was a bit soft, but I think I fixed that problem. chocolaty goodness! yummmm.

and this is how Maggie enjoyed the first half of the concert. nice! got to sit on auntie Shelleys lap, so I could take pictures. fun stuff. okay. I should go check on all those "sick kids" crazy stuff. hopefully we will be able to get away for Christmas. maybe we will all be home in bed.

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