Thursday, December 28, 2006

we survived!

Jack and Josh testing out the MP3. I think those things are by now permanently attached to their heads!

My Ben is now 11. wow. 11. crazy that I have a kid that old! I must have been so very young when I had him! ha ha.
this is all 10 kids. the kindersley Livingstones, and us. all in their new Christmas jammies, waiting in the hallway to get to the roomwith all the presents. youngest to oldest. wow. actually an hour and a half later in the day than we had agreed on, thanks to Jessica sleeping through her alarm!
we survived the four hour drive to Kindersley.
the most boring drive we do.
but we do it,
cause we always have fun when we are there!

10 kids.
between the two families!
wow! 10.
tons of presents.
tons of food.
tons of fun.
thanks Leanne!


jessica said...

wow. looks like you had tons of fun. good times.

kelly mccaleb said...

looks so fun! love all those kids in jammies :)