Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the latest

this is our Christmas card/ picture I mailed out! I try to think of something different each year. if you pull the ribbon, the picture comes out. maybe I'll post the picture tomorrow. it says Wishing you peace, love the Livingstones. in the circle you can see Ben making the peace sign- in case you can't really see it.
we made gingerbread men the other day. so yummy. I think this is Maggie with the look of take the picture so I can eat it, already!!
this was the view out my window of my front door on Saturday morning. Friday night was nasty weather- blowy and snowy. I took Jed and Jack out to the care center, where their piano teacher had arranged for someof her students to play their carols. what a great thing.
but nasty weather.
but it is Canada after all.
it is to be expected!
then Saturday I got up,
to go to my crazy spin class.
it is how I can justify, (a bit)
eating all those Christmas goods.
and there was a big old drift of snow in front of the driveway! I had to dig and dig, then Cory came out, and dug it away in no time.
what a man.

my handsome 9 year old guy.
wow, 9.

I have Jed and Jack home sick yesterday and today. sheesh. can't pull out any Christmas projects, or run to the store. I need them to get healthy so I can get back to my projects! fun stuff around here!

My sister Shelley comes home for Christmas tonight! yay.
School christmas concert tomorrow.
hopefully those boys will be better so they can be in it!
and that is the latest around here!

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Andrea said...

Love the card. Very cute as usual. oh..and love the frame you were telling me about. hope your kids feel better. wish I could go to the concert. and don't hog shelley too much.