Monday, December 04, 2006

they say it's your birthday...

it's my birthday too, ya!
today is their birthday.
my twins.
born four years apart.
amazing, no?
I think so.
we did Sadie's party on Friday,
and Jack's will be on Wednesday.
if the weather is good.
they will be off sledding.
fun stuff.
well, I should go decorate the cake!
I'll have to share pictures tomorrow of the visitor we had here last night. so much fun!


Azoulai said...

NiCE :)
Please enter to my blog:

Andrea said...

You are amazing to accomplish such a feat. (is that how it's spelled). Hope the party goes great. And can't wait to see the visitor. lol. I hear "it" was scary.

Shelley said...

A scary visitor... I can't wait!! Please share soon! i am dying to know. And to see all the cute pictures of the partays!!!