Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the visitor

so, Santa came to our house!
how lucky are we??

jed humored me and held his hand for a picture. I tried to get one of the little girls to, but they were not interested. too funny.
Carters reaction was just priceless. even funnier when you know who is wearing the suit- his dad!

Addy didn't want to sit there, but with a little convincing, she sat, but just to get the treat!!

Maggie, not so excited about it either. too funny.So, santa gave everyone a chocolate bar, thanks Santa. and I put mine on the piano to enjoy later. so after all the kids were in bed, I went to enjoy it, and alas it was gone. of course my kids all deny it was them. nice. that is always the case around here. no one does anything wrong. ever. I am miffed. nice Christmas spirit. stealing someones santa bar. bah humbug!
well, I have the Seminary head honcho coming to my class tonight, so I had best get going on my fabio lesson.
and I got the pattern for the dolly in the mail yesterday. so I am eager to sew her up. and about 10 other things to do for Christmas, so less blogging, more action!


Kim said...

Cute pictures! Funny how some kids just don't enjoy Santa so close! Hehe!

Shelley said...

ha ha! love the pictures. So funny that all the kids were freaking out. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about the chocolate bar! I'll buy you one and only YOU can eat it!!! love ya!

Andrea said...

good thing atleast Jed was happy to see Santa. He can be rather scary that's for sure. lol.