Sunday, March 04, 2007

deep thoughts

It's been a little while.


I always get annoyed when the blogs I read aren't updated regularly.

I mean, come on.

I want to know about your lives!

but does anyone really want to know about mine?

probably not.

hense, the no update.

but I am here now.

to let you know about my non exciting week.



this is Jack and his cub car.
not a very fast cub car.
he didn't win many races.
but he was a good sport.
I figured out how to move pictures, but not how to rotate them.
one thing at a time.
so, just turn your head,
to check out the cute boy in uniform.
on Saturday our stake had a womens conference.
We had Shari Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson come and talk.
wow. such inspiring women.
they make it sound so simple to be good,
then you get home, and reality hits you, and you realize it isn't too easy, but it will definitely be worth it.
there is a man in our ward,
the sweetest man,
who has stomach cancer, and isn't doing well, at all.
so sad.
he was the priesthood leader at the last girls camp.
he let the girls paint his finger, and toe nails.
that kind of guy.
so sad.
makes you think about life, and death, and the way you are living your life, and the direction you are headed in, and all the things you don't do, and should, and all the things you do do, and shouldn't.
wow. pretty deep, eh?
okay, I am off to play some Mario Kart with the family. good stuff.


Kayli said...

Yes, I want to know about your life.
And you totally hit the nail on the head of how I feel every time I get home from a really inspirational RS thingee. It is easy to be good and do everything you should! I want to! and then I get home....
Your kids are completely cute.

Andrea said...

Such a cute cub you got there. I love to hear about your life. It's more exciting than mine.

jessica said...

I love reading your blog, your life is way exciting! I totally know what you mean about being inspired to do better, then reality sets in. It's harder than you think. We all get our ups and downs. You're doing great. keep it up ;)