Tuesday, March 27, 2007


heres one from the shoot.
oilers fans!
too fun.

warming up a bit, still lots of snow around, but it is melting- yay! puddles everywhere. yay for rubber boots!
must remember to tuck the pants into the boots next time!

baby blessing for my sweet neice on Sunday.
she is such a good little baby.

yesterday two of my sisters, and my mom came over and helped clean up! I can move around my living room much easier now! yay.
and Jill and Andrea cleaned up the girls room. so nice. I hope we can keep it clean for a while. so hard for Sadie to clean up. too much stuff in there for sure. pollies and ponies, and a toy kitchen, and clothes, those seem to be very hard for her to put away.
so, yesterday we had a bunch of 2x4's delivered for the basement, and when the truck pulled into out driveway, I ran so fast around the corner to go talk to him, that I slipped on the laminate floor, and knocked my chin really hard on the floor. right now I have a big blue and purple bruise on half of it. nice.
do you think my kids might listen more when I tell them not to run around? probably not. but I know not to run around now!

we are on spring break now, and let me just say how much I love school.
it is a good thing.
and not having a basement to send the kids to, is not helping the situation at all. and those 2 extra babysittees= tons of fun for mom.

I think I did something to my shoulder too, in the big fall, it is kind of stiff. crazy old lady!


Andrea said...

No more running around for you. Hope you heal quick. The spring break is half over now- yea. hope the room is still clean.
Cute photos

jessica said...

ouch! ouch! silly girl. hope it gets better quick!
great photos! good for you for getting out there and doing what you want to do!

Kim said...

Good luck with your basement! We're in the same boat...minus all the kids though. But I'm sure yours will get done way before ours.... I know we've been saying this for a long time, but we should really try to find a time to scrap!