Monday, March 19, 2007


- bought a big old lens for my camera. having fun with it!

-had our traditional green milk with our breakfast on Saturday. love it! also a little leprechaun left some chocolate coins under the kids pillows. - there's only so much you can do for St.Patricks day- well, you could do more, I am sure, but that is about as far as we take it. - and always wear green. for sure.

-we might have a small crew of guys coming over on Saturday to frame our basement. wow. so, have a whole lot of emptying out to do so that can happen. yay. progress. a good thing.

-my van wouldn't start this morning. we left the interior lights on when we got home last night, so I will have to walk - not really far, but with two little girls it will seem very far, to the school across the big feild to pick up the babysittee after school. yay for that. me and that van have a few issues. not good.I will have to work that out. Cory says it is telling me to take better care of it. hmm. interesting.

-I was home every day at lunch for the rest of the week. I am a good mom, I am a good mom- positive affirmations.

-well, that is all I can think of to share right now. not much, but that's where I am at right now. same old same old!


Kayli said...

Okay, I'm ready...bring on all the pictures!
And those are SUCH fun ideas for St. Patrick's Day! I'll have to remember them next year!

Andrea said...

Yea for basement framings. Love it! Have fun walking. Yes- must take care of those vans since you don't have enough things to take care of! Good mom for being home. lol.