Thursday, March 08, 2007


what a productive day-
so far,
but that is coming to an end!
I have worked hard
time to rest!
here is maggie twirling in a little three tiered skirt I whipped up for her,
from the instructions I found here.
easy and cute. you can't really tell, but the bottom red has tiny white polka dots on it. cute stuff.

the weather was so nice yesterday, we spent a bunch of time outside, and Ben was busy making a snow man. I think the kid reads too much Calvin and Hobbes. a murdered snowman on my front yard. nice. red "blood" and all. real nice.
finally finished my stip quilt I made way back when our ward first started having a quilting group- well over a year ago. it is now done. I machine quilted it with a meandering stitch, and stars thrown in every so often. cute. but don't look too closely. I sewed it with some red white and blue veregated thread donated from my sister Shelley. so sweet.

here is one of my knitted flower hats-
avaliable at my shop. shown is the newborn size on my newborn niece- I don't think she liked it so much,
but if she only know how darn cute she looks!
love it.
on a sad note, the man in my ward who was sick died on Monday night.
funeral on saturday. sad, sad stuff.
on a happy note, my sister in law who was due at the end of April had her baby a couple of days ago. he is 4 pounds, tiny, but doing really good.
I will try to stop in and see him tonight on my way to my sisters to get my hair highlighted. so exciting!
and that is the latest and greatest around here.


Andrea said...

very cute stuff! Love it!
Nice snowman. That's hilarious.

Mishel Olsen said...

cute stuff on your blog! love all the crafty stuff. I'm a friend of Joannes...she introduced me to blogs and now I've joined the world of blog stalking....anyway, two've encouraged me to finish unfinished projects. I have the same problem of working on too many things at the same time.ya just see something cute and have to try it even though the last one wasn't done. totally understand. Second thing I thought I'd let you in on the secret of turning your pictures. When you hit browse to find the pic to post right click on the pic and there about half way down the list is rotate clockwise and rotate counter clockwise, click one until your picture is the way you want it then enjoy the happy bliss of the moment!