Friday, March 23, 2007


well, a few walls gone in the basement.
did that last post confuse you all? I live here, and I was trying to figure it out!
it is too tight to get good pictures to show you all what is going on down there- I will try to update it regularly, as the work porceeds, hopefully in a timely manner!
we have moved a bunch of the stuff from the living room into the garage, but it is still a mess,.
and Ben and Jack are moving their bedrooms into the livingroom.
aaahhh. it is madness.
I think hiring people to get the job done fast, is not a bad thing,
but I will let Cory work, and we will see how long this takes.

I have a little photo shoot set up for tomorrow!
exciting to get out there a bit.
scary too.
I need to be more confident in myself.
and know they wouldn't ask me to take pictures if they didn't like what I do! right? right!

okay, I hope to start sewing some easter dresses today! and clear out some more of this livingroom. and maybe try my hand at pulling down a wall. could be fun!

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