Sunday, March 11, 2007

having some fun

after a very sad morning, at a very nice funeral,
for a very nice man,
I got to take some engagement photos for a cute couple.

they were lots of fun,
and cute
reminded me a bit of back in the day.
long, long ago.
when I was dating.

hopefully they will like them. these two were my favorites.
fun stuff.
oh, on Friday night we went out on a date.
a real date- not just a church function.
but it was a function, none the less.
a "safety celebration" for Corys place of work.
funny huh?
they are all about safety at the plant.
and for good reason I am sure,
but we got a great meal,
and some funny entertainment.
a comedian guy came and did a speel. had some good laughs.
so, in two days my baby turns two.
wow. where has time gone!


Kayli said...

Good job on those pictures. They are great.
I love that your kids did a murdered snowman. Ha ha ha! Hilarious.
Also loved your quilt...yeah, just loved it.
Which sister-in-law had her baby? Is it one I know?
How did you get started on photography? Did you take a class or read a book? I love taking pictures, but really don't know anything technical whatsoever. I should work on that.

Kim said...

Cute pictures!