Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I feel like I have been so busy lately.
busy knitting, and crocheting, getting things ready for a special event,
-my craft room is a serious disaster, I can hardly get in it without tripping over something, but once this thing is done with, I can focus on cleaning.
okay, not totally, but enough that it is safe to walk in! yikes.

-today the sun actually shone, so I went out and planted some tomatoes!- I bought them last week, but it has been raining- (and snowing) and frosting, so I hadn't planted them yet. I am hoping for warm weather from here on out!
I can hardly wait for them to grow!
(these are obviously not mine- but hopefully mine will be just like them in a couple of months)

and last week my neighbor came over and helped with our garden- cleaning out the old stuff- she is such a great lady. she kept raving about our dirt. apparently it is pretty nice.
so today I also planted some carrots, radishes, onions, zucchini, cucumbers- and a pot of herbs.
I really hope they all grow. In the past stuff in our back garden hasn't really grown well- I don't think it gets enough sun- but it could have just been all those weeds choking them out!
my fingers are crossed.

seminary is over- yay!
so I am up later reading! and sleeping in later. so nice.

the calendar is getting filled up with end of the year school stuff. so fun. and busy.
good times around here!

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Joanne said...

ummmm your craft room is a disaster... again?... didn't I just clean that out?? LOL. gotta come and do it again once the craziness calms down eh?