Tuesday, June 29, 2010

nothing important!

-summer time is here!

- yesterday the junior high had an awards ceremony- I went not knowing if my boys were getting anything, but they both got honors, and Ben got top mark in Social Studies! Jack also got second place in the science fair and got a back pack with some goodies in it- like a family pass for 4 to our local museum. I guess we have to pick which kids to bring! haha

-I love when a family pass really means a family pass- no matter how many kids you have! not everyone has only 2 kids. there are some crazy parents out there who have more- like maybe 5!
I know, crazy!

-the picture I selected (with your help) of the girls is waiting to be picked up- hopefully today I can get it and put it in the frame! so exciting!

-I started a button reward thingy for the summer- the kids earn buttons by doing jobs, and even brushing their teeth-- (because I know in the summer some things just get forgotten) then they can cash them in for candy and other such stuff.
some kids went gung ho, like for instance, Jed, who kept asking me what he could do for more buttons. and others not so much. like ben. who brushed his teeth. thank goodness for that!
could be interesting!

- we will see how excited they are about it today. I think it might fizzle out soon, so I am trying to come up with all the things I have put off and not done in a long time- like Jed scrubbed down the table and chairs good, and Jack filled in nail holes in the window casings, (and will hopefully paint them today!) I need to start thinking of some good jobs for today.


Shelley said...

Don't let it fizzle out! Keep with it. The duds will realize they need to do something when they see the keeners with their prizes. Maybe you can make some of the prizes be even better or have like double or triple button days or chores. DON'T GIVE UP!

Dixie said...

Love the idea! I'm guessing a crafter/sewer like you has a lot of buttons. (That was "sewer" as in "one who sews" not "sewer" as in "waste water drainage").

P.S. I saw a huge picture at a garage sale with a thick gold frame around it, and thought of you. For a minute I thought I might try and be crafty, and then I came to my senses.

Andrea said...

Wow- filling in holes. You go all out at your house. I'm striving for picking up toys.
Do they hire out?