Monday, June 07, 2010


The weather is so messed up lately,
-very much like my house.

I can't do anything about the weather,
but I can do something about my house.
so-today my sticky floors will be mopped,
my laundry mountain will be tackled,
and my vacuum will get a nice work out.

and by the time Cory gets home from work, I am pretty sure my house will look like I didn't do a thing to it.
but at least I will not stick to the floor for a little while.
that will be nice.
I had better get on it.


Kirsten said...

I am with you in spirit. Frantically cleaning while my kids are at pre-school, and taking a mini break before picking them up in 10 minutes.

Good luck, and hopefully the clean will last longer than a couple of hours.

Joanne said...

have fun! our house just went on the market so mine has to be immaculate at all times- talk about stress!