Monday, June 14, 2010

lesson learned

well, I learned a lesson this weekend-
(and I think my kids did too)
that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

even though looking back, yes, it was silly, I did it, and will share, just so you all don't make the same mistake- even though I know you are all smarter than me, and never would in the first place, but just don't make fun of me, okay?

so, on the radio I heard and ad-
something about your kid starring in the latest movie, or tv show, and call this 1-800 number, and get a slot to come and try out- etc, etc.
well, as a kid, I think I might have loved that chance (or not, I was kind of shy) but I thought it would be so fun to try..
so I called, and got a slot,
so on Saturday, Jed and Sadie and Maggie and I dressed up nice- just like they told us,
and headed out.
the line was big, the room was full.
it seemed pretty professional.
the kids had to read a little 'commercial' thing while they taped it, to see how they were in front of a camera.
Sadie was not so good. read the paper- didn't look up,
but Jed rocked it. he has some talent!

they said they would call everyone the next day to see if you made the cut, and they wanted some to come back and do another try the next day.
Jed was stoked.

I got home, really read the pamphlet they handed out, checked the website, did some googling,
and yep- I think it was all a scam. they said it was for an acting school- you pay some money, and they will teach you how to become an actor, then you may get some great parts.
but the funny thing was, nowhere was there any info about where this school, or classes were. when? no clue. who is teaching? nothing. suspicious.
so anyways,
I was not surprised to receive no call the next day.
I hope they were found out, and run out of town.

but- you were supposed to take 2 pictures of your kids there- so I did get a nice shot of Jed.
so there you go. if you ever hear that ad, just ignore it.
and maybe Jed will be discovered by a real agency some day.
you never know.
and there you go.
to good to be true.


Me said...

I've done a few of those dumb things too. Oh well.

Lynn said...

Oh wow. A scammer is one thing. But a scam using kids......that just makes my blood boil. That is just so mean to get kid's hopes up.

Thanks for the warning. Haven't heard about this one yet. And I hope they didn't rip you off of any money up to that point either. Boo. Some people are just SO mean!

Andrea said...

As long as you aren't giving money. Hope Jed is discovered one day.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

yes...they deserve to be run out of town! not nice, but your boy sure is handsome.

thanks for joining in the giveaway fun over at my blog. i hope your day is a happy one!