Wednesday, June 23, 2010

drab to fab!

I was a little excited when I saw this picture and frame at a garage sale!
but it wasn't priced.
(why can't people price their stuff? I hate having to ask how much stuff is, so I generally just don't buy anything! -am I the only one?)
but for this item I asked. the lady said $5.

is it not lovely?
no, not really.
the frame is actually a plastic. it is so light!
so, I grabbed some red spray paint I already had-
(plus I just couldn't decide on another color- I wanted to paint it something fun.
I can always repaint later. when I decide on a super fun color.)
and I sprayed that frame.
then I painted over the picture-
with some chalkboard paint.

and now the girls have a gorgeous chalkboard hanging in their room.
(I love Maggie's butterflies. whenever she asks me what she should draw, I always say butterflies! love.)

someday I want to hang it somewhere more central, and put different quotes,
or birthday messages,
or menus,
or other such fun stuff,
but for now,
it will hang in the girls room!
fun stuff indeed.


Kim said...

very cute!! Great deal :)

Joanne said...

i LURVE that!! i so wanna come garage saleing with you. you come up with the neatest stuff.

Lynn said...

LOVE it!! And taking a picture of her drawing on it sure puts the size of it into perspective...that thing is HUGE! A great buy for sure!

Just Us said...

Super cute, and a great deal!

Kirsten said...

Wow, you are a creative godess!

Melis said...

LOVE IT! That's just what I would have done with it too! Were we separated not at birth, but at BYU?? haha I hate to ask for prices too...